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Kitchen Conversion Cutting Board

Kitchen Conversion Cutting Board

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Hands full of crumbs while cooking but need to look up a conversion? Easily solution to that, with these conversion cutting boards! They are pleasing to the eye and can be used as decor on your countertop or on your wall!

3 sizes available:

  • 8" x 6"
  • 11" x 9"
  • 13" x 9.5"
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Family recipe cutting board

Frequently asked questions...

Can these be customized with our actual handwriting?

YES! These cutting boards are meant to be a gift to cherish for generations to come with YOUR family recipe.

Can these be used as a functional cutting board?

While these boards are treated, it is not recommended to use the wording side as a functional cutting board, unless you want cut marks all over your recipe!

Will we get a proof of the recipe before it's made?

We will only send a proof of the recipe if specifically asked by the customer.